Top 5 reasons Artists and Writers need to be on Tsu

Before I get in to the reasons let me first give an explanation as to what Tsu is. Tsu is a new social media platform (like Facebook) that recently launched that offers users the opportunity to be paid for their post content. I’ll wait while you try to figure out what I just said. Yes, Get paid for your post content. The company uses ad revenue to pay out content creators for the post, likes, comments, and shares that they receive from other users at no cost to the creator. Yes I did say no cost. How is this possible?  Tsu takes in 100% Ad revenue then keeps 10% and uses the other 90% to distribute amongst the content creators. Now this is where it gets important for people to understand and a lot of people get lost often. The system works on an invite only network where you have to be connected to somebody that is already on Tsu in order to become part of it. Why you ask? They track how many people who you invite and you get a royalty percentage for people who you bring in. Here is how it works. Tsu uses the principle of thirds. If you bring in a friend, who in turn brings in a friend that brings in a friend (essential that’s four people, keep following me I’ll make it make sense.) So let’s start with the 100%, Tsu takes 10%, the other 90% is cut in half. One half given directly to the content creator, the other half gets split in to thirds and distributed to the up line or parents (the people who brought the person in).  This thirds percentage goes all the way through the ranks above you until you reach the original member of Tsu. So to recap, the more people you bring in that bring people in the more money you potentially can make on top of the content you create. Ok we have an understanding of Tsu? Good. Let’s examine the 5 reasons Artist and Writers need to be on Tsu.

    • It’s a Social Network, and Social network are important. In this day and age, social media is one of the quickest ways to reach your audience. It’s literally right at your consumer and fan bases finger tips through cell phones, tablets, lap tops, desk tops, etc. You name it, social media has a platform on it literally. So this is a perfect way to reach people who have yet to be exposed to your content. Also it can be linked to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages so your post can be made to show up on the other social media sites from one location for those that don’t have Tsu accounts.
    • Branding Recognition . Tell me any company in the existence of the world today that is successful that doesn’t have as many social media outlets as humanly possible with their name on as a page. I’ll wait. You have plenty of time to see if your local bakery has a Facebook page. Branding is a strong part of your marketing campaign and needs to reach out to every social media site available in order to A) Protect your name from being used by someone else and B) Show that you have an internet presence. Think about it like this, if you could advertise for free to customers and all it cost you is the time it takes to type a link, you’re making  a smart move.
    • Promotional How many companies that do promotional marketing both online and off are giving you the opportunity to get paid to be seen without someone having to purchase your product. Remember, with Tsu you get paid to make post, get likes and have people comment and share your post. So you are getting paid to promote yourself and your product off rip. How many artists have a promotional budget that has a return investment? Not too many.  This turns one of the major expenses in to a profitable source of income when done right. And I emphasize done right. Tsu puts you in a position to have your content seen by the number of people that follow you and are on your friend list. Think of how many of your Facebook friends look at your post for projects and like them. Now you’re seeing where I’m headed.
    • Fan Engagement. This is important. Think about how many people want to keep up with what you’re doing. What are you working on, what are putting out, how did your release go, how was your show, what are you wearing, etc. The list can go on forever. And you should want to give them access to this information. And guess what, now you can get paid for it. How many people do you get to share your updates on social media that are following you because they support you? Ok, now think of creative ways that you can get them to share updates like contest and more. Ok, now take in to consideration that your fan based is getting paid to support you just by sharing your post and content. And if you bring them in to the network not only are they supporting you by purchasing merch and projects, but they are also supporting you just by making a post.
    • Revenue. Let’s be honest with ourselves shall we. It cost money to do the things we love to do. Recording cost, (even if you do it at home, you need to get the electricity from somewhere and it isn’t free my friend.) Materials cost money. Internet cost money. Traveling cost money. And we could all use an extra source of income coming in. Why not get paid to do what we are already doing for free? Think about it, how many times do you update your Facebook profile in a day? How many tweets do you send out a day? Now take that and look at it being something that can get you some revenue coming in. How many Soundcloud links have you shared promoting your latest project that isn’t getting you royalties paid back? How many times have you shared that YouTube video of your trailer? How many invites have you sent out for your gallery showing? Every post equals a little bit of money remember. So when you’re looking at all the outlets that pay royalties and you promote them on your page you’re looking at turning one source of income automatically into two. That makes sense to do right? Just a note the average millionaire has at least 7 sources of income.  I’ll let that marinate.

Now these are just a few of the reasons artists and writers should join Tsu and invite their support base to join as well, but there are plenty of more in which I may revisit at a later date and time. For those interested in joining Tsu, you can use the link to go sign up and begin utilizing the strategies mentioned in this article. What do you have to lose?


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