Just a love poem (Untitled)

I wonder how good your lips feel when you speak of love, do they hug your words at delivery before sending them off in to the world to be something to someone who embraces them with as much passion as your lips when they drip off of them for the first time, do sentences fight to be the last thing you say to spend more time with your lips before being blown in to conversations that are held with esteem due to the high concentration that it takes for your words to not be distracted by how beautiful your lips are as they kiss them goodbye gently, their one wish to hold on to the tip of your tongue because in silence they get one more moment to be held in a way that they may never experience again, are your thoughts jealous of your words because they never have the chance to come in contact with your lips because even when you speak your mind your thoughts lose loyalty and change to something only acceptable by words, are your words afraid that your silence will receive more attention from your lips and try to hold themselves back to protect their best interest so when you speak they don’t come out until they find comfort in the fact that your lips are so beautiful, and I want to trade your words places and find comfort in your lips, but I’ll settle for a kiss at the moment so at least I know how your words feel when your lips say good bye.


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