Good morning

Good morning beautiful, in lieu of waking up beside you I’m opening my eyes to the possibility of a life time of you being here, see my first thoughts have been persistent in being consistent in the fact that 24 hours a day you’re on my mind, and most times I find myself having multiple thoughts of you so by the end of the night I’ve already ran through every eventuality that I can think of and still am not tired of your presence, for the moment let’s skip the breakfast in bed and morning sex to build something sustainable that will outlast the hunger pains of struggle and quench thirst with the holy grail because I believe in you religiously, so when my eyes pop open at the moment the sun breaks in to my room and you’re not next to me I’m cool, I see the bigger picture, but I’m getting ahead of myself, because even though I’m not opening my eyes to see you next to me, every time I close them your there, so if I can trade that dream for reality at some point, I’m good, besides I’d much rather kiss you good night


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